Watch: Man accidentally throws iPhone while feeding Bears

A video which has gone viral on Chinese social media shows a man feeding bears accidentally throws his expensive iPhone at them instead of apples and carrots. This tragic incident took place at the Yancheng Wildlife Park in east China’s Jiangsu Province.

The man was feeding apples and carrots to the brown bears while standing on the skywalk. However, in a moment of inattentive or forgetful behaviour, he throws his phone at them instead.

In a video one bear is seen looking at the phone curiously before picking it up with his mouth and walking away. However, the zoo staff was able to recover the phone and return it to the man, but it was already broken.

After this incident, the zoo released a statement which reads “The tourist had been trying to feed the bears with apples and carrots when he accidentally threw his phone out.” The statement also asked visitors not to feed the animals.