Watch: Kerala police’s hilarious ‘Kiki challenge’ warning

Mumbai: After famous Canadian rapper Drake’s ‘In my feelings’ song went viral with its signature dance next to a moving car, the whole world has gone crazy about it and seen practicing the steps widely.

With no further ado, the Indian Police issued warnings of attempting this dangerous act with this KiKi challenge and the Police did not just stop there, DC reported.

The Indian Police has come up with their warnings but in a much more creative way to grab the attention of the youths.

A new advisory has been issued by the Kerala police on Tuesday which shows anybody attempting this dangerous challenge will be put behind the bars.

In the video released by the Police Team a young man can be seen attempting this dance challenge but in no time he is quickly found to be sitting with the cops in the arrested state of course.

Now, this 44-second video clearly shows what the city police intends to do if anyone is found attempting the KiKi challenge.

The video put together by the Kerala police social media cell was posted on Facebook and Twitter. The video was shared over 9,000 times and garnered more than 2.5 lakh views.