Watch: Israel’s fake stabbing drama exposed, Palestinian girl forced to pick a knife, arrested

Bethlehem: A video has emerged showing an Israeli soldier dropping a knife on the ground and forcing a petrified Palestinian girl to pick it up before she is taken into custody, according to a report published in The Electronic Intifada (EI).

The video was circulated widely in Palestinian media and on social networks, the same day when two more Palestinian teens were shot dead by Israeli forces, who claimed that the youths had attempted to carry out stabbings.

According to the Palestinian news outlet Donia Al-Watan, the incident was filmed by a Palestinian who witnessed it from a vehicle at an Israeli military checkpoint south of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday.

The 3-minute video showed the girl identified as 14-year-old Sabreen Sanad who trembles with her arms raised near her chest when the soldier order her to bend down and pick up the knife.

She kneels down and picks the knife up, and after that appears to talk to the soldier as she holds it. As she kneels, a second soldier aims his weapon at her.

A third soldier then approaches and leads her away with her hands behind her back.

With similar incidents, the video recording has fueled widespread suspicions that many of the alleged stabbing attempts in which Palestinians were killed involved the planting of evidence.