WATCH: Hungry elephant smashes through kitchen wall to steal bag of rice

Thailand: In a bizarre incident, a wild hungry elephant smashed its head through a family’s kitchen wall to steal a bag of rice at 2 am in Thailand.

According to reports, the hungry wild elephant, Plai Bunchuay, sniffed out the food and broke into the house to steal rice on Sunday night in Hua Hin district of Thailand.

YouTube video

Shocked resident Rachadawan Phungprasopporn and her husband were woken up by the noise. Then, they rushed to the kitchen to ascertain what had happened. They were left stunned once they saw the elephant searching through the cabinet with its long trunk.

Rachadawan said her husband helped to shoo off the beast, which disappeared into nearby woodland, the foreign media outlet reported.

She said, “This elephant is documented within the area because he causes tons of mischief. He came to the house about two months ago and was looking around, but he didn’t damage anything then.”

“The wall will cost about 50,000 Baht to repair. it had been funny to ascertain the elephant-like that but also I’m worried he could come again,” she added.