Watch: Hundreds hug blindfolded Muslim man with “Do you trust me?” sign

Paris: With the attacks on Paris still fresh in our minds and hearts, this is exactly the kind of love Parisian (and the world) need right now.

A blindfolded Muslim man stood near a memorial on a Republic Square in France’s capital with placards each one filled with an emotionally charged message (roughly translated) asks: ‘I’m a Muslim and I’m told I’m a terrorist. I trust you, do you trust me? If yes, hug me?’

The unnamed Muslim man drew much attention as a tearful Parisians look on, one by one, approached and embrace him with open arms.

One woman begins to cry as she hugged him. Soon after, bystanders lose control and person after person went up to the man to hug him.

The anonymous hugger before removing his blindfold and addressed the crowd:

“I would like to thank every one of you for giving me a hug. I did this to send a message to everyone.

“I am a Muslim but that doesn’t make me a terrorist. I never killed anybody. I can even tell you that last Friday was my birthday, but I didn’t go out.

“I deeply feel for all the victims’ families. I want to tell you that ‘Muslim’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘terrorist’. A terrorist is a terrorist, someone willing to kill another human being over nothing.

“A Muslim would never do that. Our religion forbids it.”