Watch: A huge pothole near NTR Park exposes civic conditions in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Though Necklace road and surrounding areas are famous for several attractions, newly added to it is a huge pothole. Yes a pothole. The recent rain which lashes Hyderabad city in past few days have damaged several roads.

Denizens from across the city have detected that roads, many already damaged, sustained further damage, revealing poor mechanism for water draining and bringing into question the quality of roads.

Every evening, a large number of people heading towards Liberty from Necklace road take a dose of courage and a fair amount of talent to navigate this NTRMarg road.

The stretch, which is adjacent to the hugely popular NTR Garden is so riddled with a huge pothole.

There are several such roads in Hyderabad that motorists have come to know intimately. With consistent civic apathy towards repairing potholes, most people have learnt to note the location of potholes and avoid them.

Potholes can viciously assault innocent vehicles—you’re lucky it didn’t swallow the bike whole. Unless you were going extremely­ fast, though, there probably isn’t any structural damage. It takes a pretty­ big hit to bend a piece of the suspension.