Watch: From the Hospital bed, student describes Police brutality in HCU

On Wednesday students from the Hyderabad Central University reportedly attacked by Mindless telangana police, their access to water, ATMs, the Internet, and even food had been cut off.

In the video above, Bhanu who was taken to a private hospital as his injuries were too severe, describes what happened while he was in the van.

He says the police put his fingers in the curved slots on the steps of the van “bus” and were stepping on them. He also says that he told the policemen that he had recently been operated upon and was bleeding and requested them to let him go.

“Women students were beaten and grabbed by male police officers. After the forcible eviction from the lodge compound, police chased us for another 2 km, and grabbed and arrested students. Students suffered grievous injuries and were taken to hospitals,” it said.

It said 36 students including three professors were picked up, brutally beaten in a police van, and detained in unknown locations all night.