Watch: Courageous woman fighting for life in mudslide in Peru

Lima: In a strange incident in Peru, a natural disaster which is occurred due to change in climatic conditions. But during this kind of incidents hope arises to live as the destructions makes more courageous and powerful to the survivors of the calamity.

According to Indian Express, Continuous rainfall for weeks in Peru had led to several floods and mudslides that have killed 67 people. The video shows a 32-year-old woman, Evangelina Chamorro Diaz struggling to get out of mudslide that swept away the houses to animals, almost everything. The woman absconded with minor injuries after getting out of the mudslide.

YouTube video

The caption reads, “This is the dramatic moment a young woman and animals caked in brown sludge fought to escape being swept away in a devastating mudslide in Peru. Footage shows the woman battling to survive as a raging torrent of flood water thick with debris ripped through a valley in the district of Punta Hermosa, south of captial city Lima. Terrified onlookers shouted to try to get her attention but were powerless to intervene as she was carried out towards the heaving brown rapids.”