Watch: Bollywood Actress told Arnab Goswami to shut up and left his show

Hyderabad: The News Hour is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons. And this time a Bollywood actress dare to Shut Arnab Goswami when he asked her to leave the show in mid-way.

A viral short video clip, which has three heads on the News Hour screen. Mita Vashisht on the left, Col V.N. Thappar on the right and with larger than life space in the middle Arnab Goswami himself.

YouTube video

Speaking to DailyO, she said Oh shut up, yanked off the earphone (and Arnab Goswami’s hysterical noisy dribble) and walked off the camera, leaving the genteel technicians with the big Times Now equipment van without another word.

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