Watch: BJP MP says ‘all Muslims are terrorists,’ has problems with BJP

NEW DELHI: After drawing flak from all quarters post his assertion that Muslims do not vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), West Delhi MP Parvesh Verma on Monday said the ‘nationalist’ saffron party does not have any problems with the said community.

Verma, however, said that the Muslim community has problems with the BJP.

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“Our government did not bring schemes for any particular community. Even the Muslims can get benefits from all those schemes. But still I believe the Muslim community keeps a distance when it comes to voting for the Bharatiya Janata Party. The Muslim community votes for all political parties except the BJP,” he added.

Asserting that all political parties have always seen the Muslims as vote bank, Verma said the community does not want to get associated with development.

“Are the Muslim children in madrasas provoked against the BJP? When I was asked why only the BJP is called a nationalist party, I said why terrorists in the nation are only Muslims and why Muslims do not vote for the BJP? Because it does not want to come in the mainstream and does not want to get associated with development. Mayawati has said that if the Muslims vote for her then she can make the government,” he added.

“Responding to a poser as to why the Muslim community doesn’t vote for the BJP, Verma said, “I think the most relevant issue is the relation between India and Pakistan. Why are terrorists only Muslims? From where do they get all the funding and from where they get all the weapons?”

The BJP MP said the Muslims should think of getting associated with the nation, adding that this would benefit them. “They should not send their children to any terrorist organisation or oppose the BJP,” he added.

Verma had earlier said that the Muslim community, which has never voted for the BJP, would continue to do the same in future.