Watch: Binladin employees go on rampage, set buses on fire

Makkah: About nine buses were torched by angry  migrant employees belonging to the Binladin group in the holy city of  Makkah.

According to Saudi daily Okaz reports, the fires on seven buses had been extinguished without any casualties, an additional two buses were later set ablaze as well. The buses were parked when they were set on fire on Saturday evening.

Nayef Al Shareef, the spokesperson added that Civil Defence General department in coordination with the competent authorities had launched an investigation into the incident, reported Gulf news.

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A spokesperson for the Makkah civil defence said that their teams had to deal with seven buses torched near a worker’s accommodation belonging to the Binladin group.

The protesting workers, all foreign nationals on Friday had been sacked by the construction company and were issued permanent exit visa.

Many of them do not want to leave the kingdom since they didn’t receive their wages stretching back as far as four months and were protesting.
Social media users condemned the arson attack, “People cannot commit such terrible acts of destruction and sabotage under any excuse.”
Another user said, “These are expatriate workers who left their families behind them at home so that they can make some money and spend it on them,” he posted. “They do need to be paid on time so that they can honour their commitments and look after their families.”