Watch: Big Boss winner Pratham attempts suicide live on FB – know why?

New Delhi: Pratham, winner of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 attempted suicide on 5th April. He tried to commit suicide live on facebook at his home in Basaveshwar Nagar.

Live on camera, Pratham popped some sleeping pills and said that this would be his last Facebook interaction. He further said that he hoped to have instilled some shame in the minds of others who put up derogatory insults on social media, similar to what he suffered from a director.

In the video, Pratham has blamed his friend, Lokesh for taking this extreme step. He said, “I am disturbed a lot due to harassment from Lokesh. I am not able to bear the torture of Lokesh. I am yet to receive prize amount from the TV channel but many people are asking me when I am planning to distribute that money to the needy people.”

He also said, “I have received the cheque only now and I do not wish to keep a single penny to myself”. He also showed the cheque and passbooks of his account. He also explained that his friend Lokesh had misused his name, and is even now trying to ruin his reputation.

He further said that whatever he does is being wrongly projected. Even the status update on the Facebook is being taken in a wrong light. “Sorry if I have hurt anyone”, he added.

Before ending the live video, the Kannada actor said, “They are claiming that I demanded Rs 60,000 to attend an event organized by an orphanage, which is not true. Even a status updated on my Facebook page is being interpreted in a wrong way. I never imagined committing suicide in my life, but these people are not letting me lead a peaceful life. At least let my death become a lesson for you all.”

Friends of Pratham who saw him live on Facebook responded immediately and admitted him to a hospital. According to the reports, he is stable now.