Watch: Bhakts tried to stop Ravish Kumar reporting hue and cry of demonetisation

Khora, Ghaziabad: When NDTV India’s Ravish kumar carried out the ground report from Khora, Ghaziabad, he was threaten by so called Modi bhakts who dislike NDTV or Ravish Kumar for their reporting.

Ravish kumar through his channel showed real struggles that people has been facing, but in the video, the men shouted ‘Modi Modi’ slogans.

Watch the video:

Ravish Kumar speaks and listens to the inconvenience faced by people of everybody, most of them are working women who has seen impatiently waiting outside the only one SBI bank in a population of 12 lakhs.

They cry their heart out as they have to skip work to exchange and withdraw money. Some are waiting since in the night and return home without a single penny.

State Bank of India (SBI) forgo almost Rs 1,201 crore in dues owed to it by 63 willful defaulters, Daily News & Analysis reported. SBI has waived Rs 7,000-crore loans, including that to Vijay Mallya-promoted Kingfisher Airlines.

Also in the video, two men on scooter asked him why his channel only shows the long serpentine queue and why can’t show something else.

Demonetisation continues to disrupt lives across the nation. Long queues were witnessed at bank and ATMs branches as cash-starved people jostled to exchange and withdraw money.