Watch: Asaduddin Owaisi speech over Kashmir Violence in Lok Sabha

Hyderabad: MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi during the ongoing monsoon session of the parliament lambasted the government for its Kashmir policy.

“You have miserably failed in Kashmir where you are in power since last more than one and half years. Kashmiris deserve empathy. The Rambo and James Bond approach will not be successful here”, he said in a clear reference to the excessive force used by the security forces.

“You should use statesmanship to tackle the situation, and the statesman approach ask you to initiate dialogue as early as possible”, he said.

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The Hyderabad lawmaker citing the reports by AIIMS doctors said that in just 12 days over 1800 people have been left injured. Of them, about 600 are injured by pellet guns. About 125 sustained bullet injuries and about 150 of those 600 injured by pellet guns have lost their eye sights.

“These are not my statistics. These figures have been provided by the AIIMS doctors who said they had never seen such a brutality in their entire career. It was, they said, as if the injured have been brought from a battle field or a war zone”, Owaisi said.

Excessive force was not used during Pattidar and Jat quota stirs, then why this step-motherly approach only for Kashmir.

“The question here is if we consider Kashmiris as citizens of India then why the use of excessive force. Why this iron fist?” he asked.

“We had promised them ballots instead of bullets. But what we are doing today? We are using bullets in retaliation to stones? Is it for this they have voted you to power?” he asked.

“You are in power in Kashmir since last one and half year. People of this country want to know about the initiatives you have taken to bring the situation to normalcy in the Valley”, he said.

“What can be more painful than the fact that we need CRPF Jawans to guard the grave of former chief minister?” he said.

“You have agenda of alliance with PDP which says you will remove AFSPA from Kashmir. We didn’t you do it despite being in power for one and half years. Your agenda of alliance talks of dialogue. It says you will talk with all stakeholders including separatists. Why didn’t you start political initiative and dialogue?” he asked.

The MIM leader said that the government should now clearly define its Kashmir policy clearly state what kind of vision their government has to keep the Kashmiris away from militancy.