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Watch: American Muslim woman filmed man abusing her

Watch: American Muslim woman filmed man abusing her

WASHINGTON: A video footage filmed by Muslim American woman remaining calm while being harassed and labelled a ‘b****’ inside a coffee shop has gone viral.

Asthma Elhuni, 39, was sitting inside a coffee shop in Atlanta when a man, identified as ‘Rob Koehler’ started taking photographes of her without her consent.

Asthma, a graduate student at Georgia State University was working on her laptop at that time.  After noticing the phone pointed in her direction, she ask him “I’m just wondering why you have your camera out, taking a picture of me.”

Rob responded her by accusing her of being “uptight” and overreacting “like a b****” and also demands to see her green card.

She filmed the whole incident and posted a video of the exchange with the man on Facebook with the following statement: “Fight back with your cameras y’all. This is Rob from Detroit. He came in and thought it’s ok to take his camera out and take a pic of me. I asked are you taking pics of me? He said yes. I said why, he said I want to. So I took out my phone and started recording him. spread widely.
racists feel emboldened now.”

The harassment comes days after Donald Trump’s travedl ban on several predominantly Muslim countries came into force in the US.