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Watch: Acharya Pramod Krishnam’s speech on Islam will make you speechless

Watch: Acharya Pramod Krishnam’s speech on Islam will make you speechless

New Delhi: Acharya Pramod Krishnam, founder of Shri Kalki foundation said Islam has good qualities and it’s not necessary to mention or count these qualities.

Acharya was addressing the gathering at 32nd Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind held at Ram Lila Ground, New Delhi on May last year.

He said, “Islam in its essence means to quench the thirst of a thirsty. Islam means to feed the hungry a bread. Islam means to hug a poor. Islam means to help an oppressed person. Islam means to guide a blind. Islam means love. Islam means service. Islam means worship.”

 “If Islam had any relation to oppression or if Islam was brought by the force of the edge of the sword, then Yazidiyat (or oppression) would have been spread in the world not Islam,” the Acharya said.

Suppose, if a person says: “I believe in Islam and I am a Muslim.” But he terrorizes the people, or he claims that he is a terrorist; I cannot accept his claim of Islam. Whoever is a Muslim cannot be a terrorist, and who is terrorist cannot be a Muslim,” said Acharya.

Acharya Pramod Krishnan  said that Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was not called as ‘Rahmat-ul-Musalmeen’ but was called as ‘Rahmat-ul-Alameen’. He recites some poems in the praise of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

“Ke Mere Sena Ki Dhadkhan Hai, Meri Aankhon Ke Taare Hai,

Sahara Be Saharaon Ka,  Khuda Ke Who Dulare Hai,

Samajh Kar Faqat Tum Apna Unhe Taqseem Na Karna,

Nabi (SAWS) Jitney Tumhare Hai Nabi (SAWS) Utne Hamare Hai.

Aur Sabaq Tumne Mohabbat Ka Har Ek Insaan Ko Sikhlaya,

Muqadas Raasta Dekar Deen Duniya Mai Phailaya,

Tumhi Sagar, Tumhi Dariya, Tumhi Kashti, Tumhi malhaa,

Rasool Allah Rasool Allah Rasool Allah Rasool Allah (PBUH).

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