Video: 8-year-old turning into stone

DHAKA: At the age of 8, when other kids play or study at schools, Mehendi Hassan is forced to stay inside because of a rare kind of skin disease which is slowly turning him to STONE.

Little Hassan from Bangladesh is suffering from a rare condition that makes his skin look like stone.

His face looks normal whereas the rest of his body is covered in hard, flaky scales and even a slightest touched cause severe pain making his daily life almost impossible, reports DailyMail.

He keeps himself at home because his appearance terrifies other children and villagers say bad things about him whenever he goes out.

A healthy born Hassan showed first sign of his rare ailment when he was12 days old.

His parents noticed the minor rashes but ignored thinking it was mosquito bites.

These rashes eventually spread and his affliction has baffled doctors ever since.

‘No doctor could diagnose the disease,’ his father Abul Kalam Azad, a van driver, added.

Whatever Hassan’s father earn from driving, he spent on his treatment but family stop the treatment since the condition has so far gone undiagnosed.

His mother Jahanara Begum said: ‘Other children detest him. ‘People find him filthy because of his condition. 

‘Everyone hates him, no one likes to see him or eat in front of him. ‘It upsets him so I keep him at home.

‘He always cries out in pain. It is devastating to see him suffering.’

‘I always tell him Allah has made him different and with his will, he will also be able to study and live a normal, healthy life.’

His mother asked the government to help her son. ‘I beg government to help my child. Seeing him in pain is unbearable, she added.