Wasim Rizvi’s controversial remark on madrasas; here’s how intellectuals react

New Delhi: Anger prevails among the Muslim community against Shia Waqf Board Chairman Uttar Pradesh after his provocative remark against the madrasas.

Uttar Pradesh Shia Waqf Board chief Waseem Rizvi on Tuesday said that madrasas promote ISIS ideology. Rizvi has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to shut Islamic seminaries across India so that Muslim children are not influenced by it.

“If madrasas across the country are not shut down soon then after 15 years half of the Muslims will start favouring the ISIS ideology. It has been observed across the world that ISIS is targeting children and asking them to follow them,” Rizvi wrote in the letter.

The UP Shia Board chief added that Muslim children should study with students of other religions in schools so that they are able to get a better education. In his letter to the prime minister, Rizvi cited the example of Kashmir to substantiate his point, “In Kashmir, ISIS supports can be seen in huge numbers. In rural areas, Madrasas are destroying the future of our children being run on donations as their owners are hungry for money,” he stated.

Reacting strongly on Rizvi’s remarks, former Mustafabad MLA Hasan Ahmed said the presence of madrasas in the country is inevitable. The same madrasas had initiated the freedom struggle against the Britishers, as a result, we have got freedom today. He added Wasim Rizvi’s remark will create unrest. With his remark, he has tried to appease his bosses and organisations like BJP, RSS and Bajrang Dal.

Chaudhry Mateen Ahmed said people like Wasim Rizvi cannot succeed in their nefarious plans as long as secularism and brotherhood prevail in the country.

Imam and Khateeb of Madina Masjid in Jafferabad Maulana Mohammed Shameem Qasmi said the role played by Islamic madrasas in the freedom struggle will be written with golden words in the Indian history.

All India Muslim Ekta Committee chairman Haji Ikram Hasan said today we are living in an independent country just because of the sacrifices made by the ulamas, poets and sadhu saints. But unfortunately, people like Wasim Rizvi want to disrupt peace by issuing such statements.

President Jamiat Ulama Delhi Maulana Mohammed Abid Qasmi said Wasim Rizvi is a mentally unstable person; hence there is no need to pay attention to his words.