Wasim Rizvi makes inappropriate remarks against khulfa-e-rashideen; Muslim leaders call for his arrest

Lucknow: Declared as the most anti-Muslim Muslim man of India, Wasim Rizvi Chairman UP Shia Waqf Board has yet again sparked controversy by issuing a provocative statement. Angry over his recent remark against khulfa-e-rashideen (the rightly guided successors), President Sahaba Action Committee Abdul Waheed Farooqui lodged a complaint in the police station against Rizvi. The report stated that Rizvi had made inappropriate remarks against khulfa-e-rashideen and hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims, which is condemnable.

According to Inquilab Abdul Waheed Farooqui said Wasim Rizvi is continuously hurting our sentiments. In order to save his post, he is stooping down too much. First, he took a different stand from all Muslims on Babri Masjid issue; which is nefarious conspiracy to weaken the case. Then he made insulting remarks against madaris and ulamas. Now the time has ripe that he be sent behind the bars.