Wasim Akram: We have not been doing anything right

Islamabad: After triumphing against Bangladesh, the 2009 winners suffered defeat at the hands of India and then New Zealand.

Fast-bowling legend Wasim Akram said the “The team is miles behind their competitors”.

Speaking to Pakistan’s The News on Thursday, he said: “I mean we have not been doing anything right.

“In [the New Zealand] game Sharjeel’s knock was the only silver lining and to some extent Sami’s bowling. Otherwise we were really bad in all areas.

“What we have here is the best lot that was available in Pakistan. They are the cream. The problem is that most of them aren’t world class and for that I blame our system, which is extremely faulty,” he said.

“Our cricket is 10 years behind the modern game. We are lagging behind teams like New Zealand because we haven’t updated or upgraded our system. You can’t keep repeating your mistakes and then expect different results.”

“The man who is unpredictable and no one knows how he will perform is playing as a team captain,” said batting legend Javed Miandad on Pakistan’s Aaj TV channel, pointing out the team captain Shahid Afridi.

Former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar meanwhile said on Wednesday “The team had thrown away a match-winning position against New Zealand by failing to promote wicket-keeper Sarfraz Ahmed up the order after openers Sharjeel Khan and Ahmed Shehzad had laid the foundation for a successful chase”.

“The batting order was wrong. We are all sick of shouting and shouting on TV channels [and asking for] to correct the batting order,” he said on India’s Star Sports Live.

“They are technically not correct batsmen, they have no technique, if you watch them technically, none of them is playing down the ground.”