Warning fallen on deaf ears, 3 more Indians in UAE face action

DUBAI: Days after the Indian ambassador to the Emirates warned against exacerbated Islamophobic attack, more United Arab Emirates-based Indian expats posts inflammatory material on social media, Gulf News report said.

At least three expatriates have either been sacked or suspended for hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims online.

Theses include Italian chef Rawat Rohit, storekeeper Sachin Kinnigoli and a cash custodian.

The men, whose identity was withheld will now join the recent list of hate-mongers who have been reportedly fired and forced to leave from UAE for posting Islamophobic messages on social media

A spokesperson for Azadea Group, which operates a chain of Italian restaurants in Dubai, said chef Rawat Rohit had been suspended and is facing a disciplinary probe, according to Gulf News.

In another incident, Sharjah-based Pneumics Automation said its storekeeper Sachin Kinnigoli was suspended and withheld his salary. “The matter is under investigation. We have a zero tolerance policy. Anyone found guilty of insulting or showing contempt for someone’s religion will have to bear the consequences,” the firm’s owner said.

Similarly, Dubai-based Transguard Group responded to Twitter users after they tagged the company and seeks action against one of its employees.

Transguard Group said it sacked its employee responsible for posting these inflammatory posts under a false name.

PM Modi and the Indian embassies in Gulf states cautions its citizens against the increasing Islamophobic attack on the countries largest minority, Muslims.

The UAE outlaws all religious or racial discrimination under a legislation passed in 2015.

The anti-discrimination/anti-hatred law prohibits all acts “that stoke religious hatred and/or which insult religion through any form of expression, be it speech or the written word, books, pamphlets or via online media.”