Waqf Mafia given free hand to destroy Waqf properties

Secretary Minority Welfare and Competent Authority of Waqf Board has taken another controversial decision to give free hand to Waqf Mafia to destroy Waqf properties. He sent orders to Chief Executive Officer to terminate the services of retired officers working in Waqf Board. Orders must be enforced within a week.

This decision of Secretary Minority Welfare who is also the Competent Authority of Waqf Board can become a major obstacle in protection of Waqf properties. Even as the reorganization of Waqf Board is delayed, this decision will have a long lasting effect. In fact the Chief Executive Officer Waqf Board and retired high officials of various departments working under him are working as stumbling block for the activities of Waqf Mafia. Failing to seek decisions in their favour and with the beginning of investigations against persons involved in irregularities, Waqf Mafia sprung into action, and by using political influence, forced the Competent Authority to issue the said orders.

It has been learnt that the Competent Authority working under a particular political patronage, issued these orders by misusing his power.

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