Waqf Loot: Dargah Hussain Shah Wali property is worth 81,614 Crores

HYDERABAD: For just an acre of land parcel near Knowledge City in Raidurg, the Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC) fetched the highest value ever at Rs 88,000 per square yard i.e Rs 42.6 crore per acre in Thursday’s e-auction.

Remember! There are a total of 38,529 wakf institutions with attached properties. Of them 33,929 are in Telangana.

It must be recalled that Waqf land of only Dargah Hazrat Husain Shah Wali is admeasuring to 1898 acres (@ 43 crore per acre) which approximately Rs. 81,614 cr.

There would be no dearth of funds for development of Muslim if the waqf properties are freed from the clutches of “waqf mafias”.

But the sad part is that more than 75 % of the properties are encroached which was given illegally at throw away prices during previous political regimes. Custodians of the land, mutawallis, Muslim political leaders, builders and businessmen are responsible for the loot of the waqf estates.

The previous Telugu Desam Party and the Congress government transfer Waqf land to a number of MNCs, national and local organizations for setting up IT and IT related firms and businesses that come up.

Telugu Desam had allotted 30 acres to Software company Wipro, 15 acres to VJIL consultant, 7 acres to Polaris Software Ltd., 50 acres to Infosys, 54 acres to Microsoft, 17 acres to Bolder Hills, 110 acres to MR, 200 acres to Urdu University and 250 acres to Indian School of Business. While YSR government allotted 108 acres land to Lanco Hills Technology Park.

Judgments have been delivered confirming it as wakf land, still the dispute persists. 17 multi-national companies are fighting the case with best lawyers.

Chief Minister had assured give away the 400 acres undistributed land of Manikonda Jagir or the land that has been endowed to Dargah Hazrat Husain Shah Wali to Waqf Board but no paper work has been done in this connection so far to protect its costly properties.

Neither the land was vacated nor did it receive any kind of compensation from multi-national companies which became the illegal occupants.

The TRS government, during its election campaign had said, is serious about protecting the vast waqf property worth crores of rupees and even promised to withdraw the case against the Wakf Board in Supreme Court if came to power.

It even hints at resuming land allotted to Lanco Hills in Manikonda within 100 days in power. But all tall promises remained as paper on press statements.

The waqf property belongs to Muslims, whose ancestors had left it behind for them. Therefore Muslims should build pressure and appeal that no government can be allowed to usurp that right from the community.

Pressure should be built on the government to ensure complete protection of all waqf properties.

Offer prayers at masajids for safeguarding the waqf properties.

Muslims should also build pressure on waqf board members to give an assurance of complete protection of lakh acres of Muslim ‘Aukaf’ or Waqf land.