Waqf Board wins Mir Mahmood Pahadi Waqf land case

Hyderabad: In a major victory Waqf Board won the case of Mir Mahmood Pahadi Waqf land in Attapur in Waqf Tribunal. The Tribunal declared the land as Waqf and issued orders against intervention of unauthorised persons. The tribunal also maintained that the Board is free to act against unauthorised occupation. This victory was possible because of special interest of Waqf Board Chairman Mohammed Saleem. He interacted with various advocates for removal of illegal occupation during the past one week and directed protection of Mir Mahmood Pahadi land.

It must be noted that as per the Waqf record over 800 acre land is attached to Dargah Hazrat Mir Mahmood. Last week illegal occupants under the patronage of land mafia illegally occupied the Waqf land and constructed temporary shed on it. It is said that the occupants enjoy backing of local political party and land mafia.

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