Waqf Board takes over Masjid Rahmania Aasaar Shareef Tallagadda

Telangana Waqf Board has taken over Masjid Rahmania Aasaar Shareef Tallagadda, which comprised of a total land of 4020 sqyds including a Madrasa admeasuring 100 sqyds.

A musallis of the said masjid Mr. Syed Faheemuddin and others had made complaint with the Waqf Board that the former administrative Committee of the masjid whose term ended on (28-11-14) neither showed the accounts to the musallis nor conducted auditing in the Waqf Board. The administrative committee also faces several other charges of discrepancies in accounts.



On receipt of complaint Waqf Board conducted enquiry through officers and on the receipt of report decided to take over the masjid.

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