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Waqf Board receives jolt in Manikonda Waqf land case as lawyer Nariman raises fee to 1 Cr.

Waqf Board receives jolt in Manikonda Waqf land case as lawyer Nariman raises fee to 1 Cr.

Hyderabad: Waqf Board received a big jolt just before the hearing of the case of Dargah Hazrat Husain Shah Vali Waqf land, when the noted lawyer Fali S Nariman demanded Rs. 1 Cr for appearing in the Court. Waqf Board had engaged the services of Fali S Nariman for final hearing of the case to be held on February 21. He had earlier charged 15 lakh for appearing in the court. Accepting the fee, Waqf Board had made all preparations to send him all details and documents regarding the case. But now that only one week has left for the hearing, it was informed by the senior lawyer to Waqf Board that he will charge Rs. 35 lakh per appearance and he will have to appear in the Court for atleast 3 days. Thus he must be paid 1.5 Cr.

Waqf Board and Minority Welfare Department were shocked over this negotiation. Just before the hearing of the case, this sudden change in situation has landed Waqf Board into trouble. Waqf Board is also considering hiring other lawyers. But since there is very less time changing the lawyer may cost dear to Waqf Board.

While the state government claims to be sincere in protecting Waqf properties, the government itself is waging war against Waqf Board in Dargah Hazrat Husain Shah Vali Waqf land in Manikonda. Waqf Board has to cough up lakhs of rupees which is part of Waqf revenue. Thus the revenue is being spent on legal proceedings which could have otherwise been used for welfare of Muslims.

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had announced to hand over 800 acre open land of Manikonda to Waqf Board but no paper work has been done till date. Government would require just a few seconds to hand over the 1654 acre 32 guntas of land to Waqf Board. If the government files an affidavit in the Supreme Court withdrawing its claim on the land then there won’t be any case in the court and the whole land would come into Waqf Board’s possession. But government is not ready to take such step.

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