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Waqf Board CEO receives political threats, goes on long leave

Waqf Board CEO receives political threats, goes on long leave
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Hyderabad: Telangana Board plunged into crisis after Chief Executive Officer Waqf Board Mohamed Asadullah suddenly went on a long leave. It is believed that the Chief Executive Officer, fed up with the rising pressure of Waqf Mafia, higher officials and political leaders, sought long leave. He is requesting the government to relieve him from his responsibilities. Government has temporarily given additional responsibility of Chief Executive Officer to Special Officer Hajj Committee Prof. S A Shukoor which is a major challenge for him.

Chief Executive Officer Waqf Board Mohammed Asadullah had taken several measures for the protection of Waqf Properties hence he had to face several hurdles. It is said that Secretary Minority Welfare who is also competent authority of Waqf Board was mounting pressure on Asadullah to clear some files while Mohammed Asadullah was not ready to clear the files by violating Waqf regulations. Similarity he had refused to accept pressure of higher officials and local political party consequently he was facing threats. He received threatening calls from local party leaders but Mohammed Asadullah paid no heed to it and made decisions as per Waqf Act.

Fed up with the constant pressure he sought medical leave of 15 days. It is said that conspiracies are also being hatched to remove him from the post so that the Waqf Mafia could seek Waqf Board orders as per their wishes.

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