Wanting to be expelled, Cong leader stunned over being made star campaigner

Chattarpur: Senior Congress leader and former MP Satyavrat Chaturvedi on Friday claimed that he has publicly asked his party to expel him.

Satyavrat, says that he is astonished that despite him openly urging his party to remove him from the Congress, he is still the part of the political outfit and has been made a star-campaigner.

Dejected over denial of Congress ticket to his son, Satyavrat, said he will not leave his son to fend for himself.

Satyavrat’s son, Nitin Chaturvedi is contesting on Samajwadi Party ticket from Rajnagar.
Speaking to ANI about his declaration of campaigning for his Samajwadi party candidate son despite being made a star-campaigner by Congress he said, “This is what is astonishing and I don’t know how this party is working. I have openly stated that I am campaigning for my son who is contesting on a ticket of Samajwadi party. Still congress is making me a star campaigner. I am unable to understand how this party is functioning. I am continuously demanding to remove me from the party and this is a sad that they aren’t removing me.”

“From last three elections the party is assuring me that they will give ticket to my son Nitin Chaturvedi. I am waiting from 15 years now. If a ticket can be given to those who have lost with 38,000 votes, why can’t my son get a ticket? All my contemporary leaders have got ticket, even one-two tickets have been given to their family members, so why can’t my son get a ticket. I will not tolerate this injustice.

Instead of Nitin, the Congress has given ticket to sitting MLA Natiraja, who has been representing the constituency in state assembly for past three terms.