‘We want Ramzan to unite with his mother’, says Swaraj

Bhopal: External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj on Sunday said India wants 15-year-old Pakistani boy Ramzan, who has been stranded in Bhopal for over two years, to unite with his mother.

“Ramzan told me that his mother has told him that she wants to come to take him from here. We want Ramzan to unite with his mother. Now it’s up to Pakistan if they want to accept him as a citizen because Pakistan will give that visa. The Pakistan High Commission has not said anything about it yet,” Swaraj told the media here.

“When I learnt about Ramzan’s case, I asked the Indian High Commission to Pakistan to meet Ramzan’s mother and ask her if she wishes to come to India. If Ramzan’s mother is ready to come to India, then we are willing to give her visa for that time,” she added.

Swaraj further said if Ramzan’s mother does not have any document or proof to give to the Pakistan High Commission then the DNAs can be matched.

Meanwhile, Ramzan looked quite relaxed and expressed his desire to go back home.

“I have asked my mother to come here. I have told her that I am being treated well here. I want to go to Pakistan,” he said.

Ramzan, who hails from Karachi, was separated from his mother at age of 10 when his father Mohammad took him to Bangladesh and remarried. After being tortured by his step-mother, the boy crossed the border alone in 2011 with the hope of coming back to his mother in Pakistan.

Ramzan travelled to many states before landing in Bhopal. (ANI)