Want a personalised postage stamp with your favourite animal? Delhi Zoo is planning to make that happen!

New Delhi: Visitors to the Delhi Zoo may soon be able to own a personalised postage stamp with their photograph alongside their favourite zoo animal.

This unusual, but intriguing proposal was made by Department of Posts to team up with the National Zoological Park for a ‘My Stamp’ counter on the zoo premises.

“We have got a proposal from India Post with regard to selling personalised postage stamps to zoo visitors. In a bid to create awareness about wildlife conservation, the stamp templates will have photographs of various birds and animals. The visitors can also get themselves clicked in front of their favourite animal or bird enclosure,” a senior zoo official said.

However, the details of the project are yet to be finalised, he said.

“The Department of Posts wishes to promote its ‘My Stamp’ service at the Delhi Zoo. My Stamp is a brand name for personalised sheets of ‘commemorative’ postage stamps of India Post,” read the proposal.

“India Post now makes it possible for everyone to have his/her own stamp. My Stamp can be a part of detachable regular postage stamp and used for mailing purposes,” it said.

The zoo official said a single sheet costing Rs 300 will have 12 personalised stamps and that the visitors can select from different templates on which the stamps will be printed.

The stamps will be available in the denomination of Rs 5 and can be used for mailing, he added.