Want to know where the train is? Know the details

New Delhi: The passengers can now track the real time of train movement with the Railway Minister Piyush Goyal asking all 16 railway zones in India to adopt the new system, called real-time punctuality monitoring and analysis (RPMA), to ensure punctuality and safety.

The system works with device which is GPS enabled and fitted in locomotives to overhaul slow manual system of railways and provide accurate timings.

The facility will be first available on Delhi-Howrah and Delhi-Mumbai routes by February end, and will be extended to entire country later in phases.

The device was first tested in Mughalsarai division in October in association with Maps of India, a private entity. The test was successful.

Kishore Kumar, Railway manager of Mughalsarai division said that “The system keeps plotting the train on the map and on the speed chart. The station locations are pre-fed and plotted on the map and the speed chart in addition to the cautions.”