Do you want to fly at low cost? Here are few tricks that can save your pocket

As per the new DGCA rule, the final price you pay for the airline ticket includes base fare, which is Rs 3000 or below.

According to the news reported in Zeebiz, the charges also includes airline fuel, CUTE, passenger service fee, user development fee, other surcharge and GST rates are included for both economic and business class.

As per Bank Bazaar, there are few tricks which you can use for saving on your airfare tickets.

Here are few tricks:

1. Compare different websites before booking

It is advised that before booking a flight, compare the fares on different websites like Google flights, Kayak or Sky scanner. This gives an idea of fares across different websites and choose an economical option.

2. Prefer to fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays

Most of them travel for work on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. So, when there is more demand and low supply, the airlines show high fares. Moreover, most of them prefer to travel on weekends for personal vacations.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays are the days in a week when there are cheapest airfares.

3. During booking, use private mode or incognito mode

while booking an airline ticket from a travel portal, our information gets automatically stored in their system along with cookies. This saves lot of time while filling data next time.
However, the problem is that when you book for second time, the website reads the details and increases the airfare.

To avoid such situation, it is advised to switch to private mode or incognito mode. If you want to browse on normal mode, it is better to clear all the cookies. You can also open the website from a different browser or computer.

4. Book early, but too much early is not advisable

As per Bank Bazaar, it is advised to book 45-90 days before the date of departure. Booking too early can increase the airfare price very high.

5. Shoulder season

In the months of March, April, July, August and December, the fares of airlines can be high because of school breaks and holidays.

It is better to schedule your travel during shoulder season (period between peak and off-peak seasons). This season includes the months of May, June, October and November.

Also, off-seasons months like January, February and September are advised to schedule your travel as the rates are cheaper in these months.

6. Book through desired Airline website

Many travelling portals are available online to book flight tickets. These portals offer different discounts but while checkout, they charge more than what they had shown in the beginning.
Therefore, it is advisable to book airline ticket through the official website of the airline.