Wannacry crisis: hits over 40,000 Indian computers

New Delhi: Global malware Wannacry has so far infected more than 40,000 computers in India. It is the third worst hit globally, till now.

Neither corporate nor banks have encountered any such disruptions. Which is resulting in the speculations about these entities purposely trying to hide the impacts of the attack.

“There is a lack of transparency in India, in spite of a mandatory requirement for banks and listed companies to disclose cyber-attack, however, very few banks and companies do that,” Tushar Ajinkya, Partner, DSK Legal said. “We have seen earlier that black hats would mainly attack and deface Indian websites but now the objective is mainly money,” reported Business Insider.

With the previous reports, there were predictions of ATMs to be affected. However, the outdated software of ATMs was least affected.

“In our research, we found that a large percentage of attacks globally by WannaCry happened in India and the country was third on the total number of attacks,” said Altaf Halde, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab, South Asia.

“Most of the Indian organisations are still vulnerable to the attacks since the sophistication of these cyber threats is going up and many of Indian organisations including private and public sector still use outdated operating systems which make it easy for the cyber attackers to compromise the systems,” he added.