This ‘Wallace and Gromit’ ejector bed will ‘throw’ you as wakeup call

London, Aug 3: Tend to reach for the snooze button of your alarm clock every morning? Now, there’s a high voltage ejector bed, which will literally throw you to make you wide awake, giving no way to getting late.

Inspired by Wallace and Gromit, wacky inventor Colin Furze, who admits having a constant disregard to health and safety, has invented a high voltage ejector bed, the Daily Express reported.

Giving out the details how he created this propulsion bed, Furze posted a video of the electrifying bed on YouTube and wrote that the high voltage bed could be the best solution for all who find it difficult to get up in the morning.

It is being said that this video has been viewed some 336,000 times. (ANI)