Wakf properties of Bandlaguda seized, committees suspended

Hyderabad: Telangana Wakf Board has decided to seize wakf properties located at Bandlaguda which comprise Jamia Ilahyat-e-Nooriya, Noori Industry, Nooria Arabic College, Noori Karkhana and other properties.


Mr. Mohammed Asadullah, CEO of Wakf Board issued these orders on 18th November 2015 with the approval of Competent Authority of Wakf Board. The process of taking these properties under Wakf custody with the help of Revenue and Police Officials is in progress.


CEO of Wakf Board told that the committee and its members have been suspended on the charges of violation of rules and regulations. Mr. Wahed Khan has been appointed as the Enquiry Officer. Mr. Mohammed Abdul Gaffar, OSD of Wakf Board has been given instructions to take possessions of all these wakf properties and ensure the functioning of routine daily activities.


The order issued by Wakf Board mentions that this property was under the control of Mr. Syed Ahmed Mohiuddin Noori Shah who expired on 3rd November 1990. On 24th April, 2009, Wakf Board constituted a managing committee. The institutions under these properties include Jama Ilahya Nooriya, Noori Industries, Naalsaheb Guda in Sanga Reddy wherein a building, two houses and four malgis are available. Wakf Board blames that the managing committee will not submit the details of Income and expenditure. A show cause notice was issued for which the managing committee furnished the reply. It was not satisfactory.


The Wakf Board also says that these institutions have another property in Nampally which has not been intimated to Wakf Board. In Bandlaguda, a spacious marriage hall was constructed for which permission was not sought from Wakf Board. Failure of submission of income and expenditure statements, non-payment of fund and other irregularities were the causes of the suspension of managing committee and its members. Very soon, these institutions would be taken into the custody of Wakf Board.



–Siasat News