Wakf Board: Tussle between CEO, members over leasing of graveyard lands for commercial use

Hyderabad: During the last Wakf Board Meeting, a tussle witnessed between the Chief Execution Officer Shahnawaz Qasmi and the board members over the leasing of the graveyard lands for commercial use.

The CEO requested the board members to abrogate the three controversial resolutions adopted earlier.  He made it plain to the members that he would not approve other items listed in the agenda unless they annul their resolutions.  “As a CEO, I have the right to veto the board’s decisions.  I would only approve those decisions which are adopted to safeguard the Auqaf’’s Properties,” the CEO said.

According to reliable sources, the CEO objected to leasing the graveyard lands of ‘Kukapeth Qabarastan’ and ‘Afzalganj Qabarastan’  for commercial use.  “Graveyard lands cannot be leased out for commercial activities”, Qasim said.

Qasim also objected to the appointment of “Hussain Shah Wali Durgah” Mutawalli’s son as the new ‘Mutawalli’ as the former is involved in more than 24 cases of illegal selling the graveyard lands which are under trial in HC and SC.  His son’s appointment would be prejudicial to the outcome of those cases.  He also objected to the non-release of an advertisement in newspapers seeking objections, if any, to the new Mutawalli’s appointment as stipulated in the Board’s bylaws.

On the other hand, the stand of the Wakf Board members is that the CEO is duty-bound to approve the resolutions adopted by the Wakf Board members.  However, speaking to the media persons, the Wakf Board Chairman Mohammed Saleem said that a resolution has been adopted unanimously to repeal the earlier decision to lease out the graveyard lands of ‘Kukapeth Qabarastan’ and ‘Afzalganj Qabarastan’ for commercial use.