Wakf Board tenants agree to pay rental arrears – Saleem’s efforts successful

Hyderabad: The efforts of Mr. Mohammed Saleem to resolve the issue of payment of enhanced rates of the wakf properties of Nabikhana Maulvi Akbar and Makkah Madina Alauddin Wakf have been successful through negotiations and compromise.

The tenants of Nabi Khana Maulvi Akbar have agreed to pay the arrears of rents. Nearly 30-40 tenants approached the office of Wakf Board and met Mr. Mohammed Saleem, Chairman and M.A. Mannan Farooqui, CEO of Wakf Board.

It may be mentioned that rent review committee of Wakf Board enhanced the rents of the shops which is far less than the market rates. Mr. Saleem told that he is functioning in the Wakf Board with the motto to serve the community and he has no personal benefits. He said that he wants to implement welfare schemes for Muslims with these amounts. The tenants supported the stand taken by Mr. Saleem and agreed to pay the arrears of enhanced rents with effect from 1st January 2017.

Mr. Saleem assured that Wakf Board would constitute a maintenance committee to undertake repairs. He suggested that if the tenants pay the arrears of rent before 1st August, amounts for repairs would be released.

Mr. Mannan Farooqui told that if the tenants of Nabi Khana agreed to clear the arrears, Wakf Board’s income would be increased by Rs. 20-25 lakh every month. He also told that after the payments of arrears, new rental deeds would be executed by the tenants.

It may be mentioned that under the jurisdiction of Makkah Madina Alauddin Wakf there are 700 shops. A nominal rent is being paid to Wakf Board by these shop owners. A meeting of these shop owners is convened today to resolve the issue by negotiating with them.

–Siasat News