Wakf Board meeting scheduled for 23rd May

Hyderabad: Telangana Wakf Board is meeting on 23rd May to finalize the pending files. The agenda also has to be prepared. Orders are to be issued for the extension of Wakf committees and the appointment of Mutawallis.

CEO of Wakf Board, Mr. Mannan Farooqui is not pleased with the attitude of the subordinate officers. Instead of taking any decision on the files, he has referred the matters to the Wakf Board. In the last meeting of the Wakf Board, 45 resolutions were passed but orders have not been issued.

CEO has requested the board to review some of the decisions. Chairman of the Wakf Board, Mr. Mohammed Saleem convened a meeting of the officials of Wakf Board and instructed them to intensify collection of rents. He informed that the collection of rents of the wakf properties in the districts is very slow.

Mr. Saleem informed that the policy would be formulated for putting hoardings on the Wakf properties to avoid objectionable materials on these boards. He wants the officials to enhance Wakf income and to prepare a scheme for granting pensions to Muslim widows.

–Siasat News