‘Wake-up, the most important PM of the world is coming’: Israel Daily

New Delhi: Israel Daily has made Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the world’s important Prime Minister. The headline in their newspaper reads, ‘Wake up: the most important PM of the world is coming.’

Other newspapers as well, made headlines about PM Modi’s visit to Israel, which is scheduled for the month of July. Most of the local commentators have emphasised on Modi ‘skipping Ramallah’ and it being a standalone visit focussing only on India’s ties with Israel.

“Unlike most world leaders, however, Modi, who governs the world’s largest democracy and second largest nation, apparently is refusing to visit Ramallah during his Israel trip, and will not schedule meetings with Palestinian Authority+ (PA) chief Mahmoud Abbas or other PA leaders,” Arutz Sheva, an Israel News Network said in a report.

“Next week, the Indian Prime Minister, my friend, Narendra Modi will arrive in Israel. This is a historic visit to Israel. In the 70 years of the country’s existence, no Indian Prime Minister has ever visited and this is a further expression of the state of Israel’s military, economic and diplomatic strength,” said Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.