Waiting to see Rahul in much more active role: Congress

Congress today said it was waiting to see Rahul Gandhi play a “much more active role” in the organisation, echoing the demand made by several party leaders in recent days.

He has offered his services to the party in whichever manner the leadership so desires. We are all waiting to see
him playing a much more active role in the Congress and wish him success in all his endeavours,” the party said in the latest issue of its mouthpiece ‘Congress Sandesh’.

In an editorial piece, it said the secret of the longevity of the Grand Old Party of India has been its
continued capability to re-invent itself to meet the needs of the time.

“Where, in the country the youth by far exceed the numbers of older generation, the Congress needs to be able to
interpret and relate to the aspirations of the younger generation and be able to deliver to the needs and aspirations
of the youth of India,” it said.

The chorus for Rahul playing a greater role in Congress party is growing louder with party general secretary Digvijay
Singh demanding that he be given “decisive” responsibility and others even making a strong pitch for projecting him as PM candidate in the next polls.