Wait till next World Cup to see if power shift is real: Jayawardene

Mumbai, March 31: Sri Lanka vice captain Mahela Jayawardene wants the sub-continental teams to wait till the next edition of the World Cup before claiming that there is a power shift in cricket.

He said India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka may have dominated the 2011 World Cup by entering the semifinals, but it is too early to think their dominance is real.

Jayawardene said if the teams can repeat their performance in the next World Cup in Australia-New Zealand, they can then say the sub-continent teams have truly taken a quantum leap.

“We are playing in the sub-continent. I would have been very disappointed if we had not done well on familiar conditions.

“It’s true there was a lot of pressure on the sub-continental teams, but they did well,” Jayawardene told mediapersons here.

“Looking ahead, the next World Cup will be played somewhere else. If in the next World Cup we can get two or three sub-continental teams into the semifinals, then you might say power has changed.

“It’s good that we are playing some good cricket, but difficult to say that when you are playing at home,” he added.