Wait! Fake Rs. 2000 note already in the market, farmer duped

Chikkamagaluru: Though the India is struggling with the piracy of movies which is being released on torrents and websites before the original release. The same case happened with the all new Rs 2000 currency note, people reported about the fake copies of Rs 2000 note.

Not even 30 percent of the total population saw the new currency note of Rs 2000 and Rs 500 in their hands and the reports of fake Rs 2,000 notes landing people in more anxiety.

A farmer in a APMC market in Chikmagalur, Karnataka got duped by a fake 2000 currency notes.

According to The Hindu reports, on Saturday morning, an unknown person purchased onion from Ashok, an onion grower and handed a Rs. 2,000 note which later turned out to be a photocopy of the original note.

Superintendent of Police K Annamalai said: “It was a photocopy of the original note. It is poorly photocopied, anybody can notice it easily. The person was given the copy by an unknown person in APMC market”.

“We are booking a case of cheating as per Sec. 420 of IPC in Chikkamagaluru Town station,” the Chikkamagaluru SP added after collecting the details from the farmer.