Wahabis are under Government’s surveillance in Kashmir

New Delhi: The Centre has determined to toughen its Posture on the Kashmir protest and not to shutter in the face of violence by those who want to “throw out a democratically elected government to install a Wahhabi theocracy.”

According to the news published in the Times of India, the Centre and State government should talk to all the “stakeholders”, due to pressure by some of the opposition parties, said officials.

A relevant talk can be happen only when the Security Forces will defeat the bid to bring in an Islamic system: a position which leaves no doubt that the government will not desist from using force to beat back what it considers religion-driven disturbances.

The chilli-based substitutes for pellet guns, in bulk at the rate of 1,000 each day, It is also said not to withdraw the volunteer who were expand in the State for Amarnath Yatra and no to decrease AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act).

The secessionists influenced by a number of aspects to not to reach.

The government’s assessment is that Hurriyat leaders stand completely marginalized in the current tumult which has been fuelled by the ambition to usher in an Islamic theocracy.

An official source said -“They are at a crossroads themselves, having lost control over the forces they unleashed,”“that the fear of being punished by the fundamentalists behind the current bout of protests was why Hurriyat leaders spurned the opposition leaders who were keen to meet them. “They are not among the stakeholders we would like to engage at this juncture.”

The government should make all the possible efforts to make easy the hardships of people but giving them the new concessions can happen at this phase, it feels that for approaching Eid.

Sources said unlike in the past where protests were political in nature and focused on the demand of autonomy, the current unrest was largely religious. Those driving the protests were aiming to establish an Islamic settlement and had no appetite for themes of autonomy.