VP Naidu, Petroleum minister Pradhan hails Jayee Rajguru as ‘national hero’

New Delhi [India]: Vice President Venkaiah Naidu and Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan paid tribute to freedom fighter Jayee Rajguru on his 221 martyrdom day celebration here.

Speaking at the function here on Wednesday, the vice president remembered Rajguru as a national leader and said younger generation should take inspiration from the sacrifice he made for the nation.

“These people deserve a great deal and importance. Everyone should know about the real heroes of freedom struggle. That is what the minimum we can do to those great soul so that the younger generation can take inspiration from the sacrifice, teachings and preaching of the great people,” he added.

Union Minister Pradhan also hailed the Odia freedom fighter and said Rajguru led the fight to oust the Britishers from Odisha in 1804.

“I pay tribute to Rajguru for his sacrifice. We should always remember him and his sacrifice and inspire his principles,” Pradhan said.

Jaykrushna Rajguru Mahapatra, popularly known as Jayee Rajguru, was the royal priest of Khurda king Mukunda Dev II. He was hanged by the British East India Company in 1806. (ANI)