Voters Awareness Programmes

Hyderabad: M. Dana Kishore, DEO & Commissioner, GHMC said that SVEEP (Systematic Voters Education & Electoral Participation ) provided by the ECI to be intensified to create voter awareness among the people on the importance of voting with the help of SVEEP activities.

The officials can encourage the citizens to participate and to cast their franchise in the ensuing elections. As seen from the yester years, the percentage of voting was around 52.46 etc., was the voter turnout. The main aim of the SVEEP activities is to involve all the citizens to cast their vote duly creating awareness about the importance of voting to increase the percentage.

The DEO further stated that to create awareness about the working of EVMs and VVPats so that the voters will have a clear idea to cast their vote without any inconvenience for which 3 Modernized Mobile Vans have been deployed for the purpose and lot of citizens have participated where the officials have interacted with them and explained about the EVMs and VVPATs even EVM and one VVPats have been provided for 2 Wards and one Model Polling Station is being organized at GHMC Head Office with all available machinery to have a clear transparency to the officials and staff to perform their duties in a more appropriate way to increase the polling percentage.

Apart from this one EVM and One VVPats will be provided for 2 Wards where the demonstrations will be given at the Community Halls, Parks, and Ward Offices to create awareness for this purpose. The CEO has been requested to provide 100 EVMS and VVPats, the first phase of verification of EVMs and VVPats is going on at Victory Play Ground, Chaderghat and this process will be completed in 3 to 4 days, the DEO added.