Voter turnout in U.S. hits 20-year low in 2016

Washington D.C. [United States]: The voter turnout in the United States has fallen to nearly its lowest point in two decades this year.

As the ballots are still being tabulated by the election officials, the 126 million votes which have already been calculated accounts for 55% of voting age citizens cast ballots this year, reports the CNN.

The turnout has been the lowest in a presidential election given that it was 53.5% in 1996.

The turnout figures will change as outstanding ballots — such as provisional ballots and those with write-ins are seen by election officials.

For reaching a turnout of 2008 in which nearly 64% of voting age citizens casted a vote, it would take another 18.7 million votes.

Early results in some of the key states have indicated that more voters have voted this year than in 2012, despite the fact that overall turnout was low.

Nearly 9.4 million votes were cast this year in Florida whereas it was 8.5 million in 2012.

In North Carolina, it was about 138,000 more votes than in 2012.

It would take several more weeks to get full measures of turnout. (ANI)