Vote TRS for growth: KCR

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today said that the TRS has to win the 16 MP seats in the polls to achieve funds from the centre to complete projects and take up development works. He addressed a public meeting at Wanaparty and Bhutpur near Mahabubnagar in favour of the TRS MP candidate P Ramulu and M Srinivas Reddy along with TRS general secretary Keshava Rao, ministers, Srinivas Goud, Niranjan Reddy, MLAs Narender Reddy, Leaders Gurunath Reddy and others. KCR alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was telling lies against us. He criticised that BJP government and the Congress governments have failed to develop the country and turned Mahabubnagar, a district of migrants and coolies. We have started welfare schemes which are being implemented by other states and the centre.
He said that winning 16 MP seats we can get funds from the centre to complete Palamur project which needs Rs 30000 cr. He promised to complete Palamur project, Gattu projects and address other issues. The BJP and the Congress in the Centre denied funds to our state and Palamur. The chief minister recalled as how he achieved statehood being MP of Palamur and will fight for state cause in future if people vote for TRS to win 16 MPs. Of 14 MLAs, Palamur people blessed the TRS to win13 MLAs with hope to develop and I am thankful he said adding that he will strive hard to fulfil their dreams. Do not get confused with other parties talking against us he urged the people. Palamur TRS MP candidate M Srinivas Reddy will win with 2 lakh to 3 lakhs votes majority in the LS polls as the people support us he claimed. He

I achieved the state and with 16 MP seats we will show our mettle in the Centre to form a coalition of regional parties in the centre against the BJP and the Congress.