Vote against BJP! Soni Razdan shuts up Anupam Kher in epic response

MUMBAI: Soni Razdan, wife of director Mahesh Bhatt and mother of Alia Bhatt slammed actor Anupam Kher for protesting against the members of his own fraternity for their ‘vote against BJP’ appeal.

Without mentioning any names directly, Kher, who was last seen in ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’, pointed out how some people from his fraternity were “officially campaigning” for opposition parties by releasing a letter for public.

He wrote, โ€œSo some people from my fraternity have issued a letter for public to vote out the present constitutionally elected government in the coming elections. In other words they are officially campaigning for opposition parties. Good!! At least there are no pretensions here. Great.โ€

Anupam Kherโ€™s tweet didnโ€™t go down well not only with netizens but actors such as Swara Bhasker and Soni Razdan also who reminded him of “democracy”.

Razdan also weighed in, saying “Anupam, If you can align yourself to the present government, why would you think others doing the same is any different? Just curious.”

Reacting to Kher’s tweet, Bhasker wrote: “Yes, it’s called democracy sir.”

The red-faced veteran actor clarified that he was only sharing his observation. He wrote, โ€œDearest Soni! It was an observation. Not a complaint.:)โ€ to which Soni replied sarcastically, โ€œAcha jee :).โ€

About 700 theatre artists including names such as Naseeruddin Shah, NAndita Das, Ratna Pathak Shah and Anurag Kashyap have urged the electorate to vote for “love and compassion, for equality and social justice, and to defeat the forces of darkness and barbarism”.

โ€œOur appeal – vote bigotry, hatred, and apathy out of power. Vote against the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) and its allies… Vote for secular democratic, inclusive India… Vote wisely,โ€ read the statement. The voting for Lok Sabha elections will begin on April 11 and conclude on May 19.