Volvo launches multi-axle dump trucks in mining push

Bengaluru :Volvo Trucks has launched two new large capacity 5-axle dump trucks for various mining applications, saying the new products are ready to take on future demand of coal mining.

The FMX 520 10×4 and FMX 480 10×4 dump trucks were launched at the five-day ongoing Excon, which is touted as South Asia’s largest exhibition on construction equipment and technology.

Volvo Trucks is the only manufacturer to offer a higher capacity 5-axle mining dump trucks in India, which is based on the successful and globally-proven Volvo’s FMX platform, the company said in a statement.

The new high-capacity dump trucks are being introduced to enhance productivity in line with rising demand of coal production, it said.

The FMX 520 10×4 dump truck offers 33 per cent higher capacity than the current 8X4 solutions available in the market while the FMX 480 10X4 handles capacity 28 per cent more, the auto maker said.

Volvo Trucks also showcased a highly customised coal haulage solution with 33 cubic metre bodies—the largest coal haulage truck in the Indian market—along with the flagship model, the FMX 440 8x4I shift.

Unveiling the trucks, Pierre Jean Verge Salamon, President, Volvo Group Trucks India, said he is very positive about Indian growth story and optimistic about the government’s plans to double coal production to 1 billion tonnes by 2020.

He is also hopeful that the next 5 years will open up several new opportunities in coal mining, which will “redefine productivity and efficiency demand”.

Volvo Trucks has around 65 per cent market share in the high-performance mining segment, he noted.