Vokal now available on Android and iOS

New Delhi: Vokal, India’s largest knowledge sharing platform in Indian languages, has announced the launch of their product on iOS and Android.

Vokal, a peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing platform, enables knowledge sharing using voice and video.
It offers users to ask questions in regional languages and get them answered by experts. Users can ask the question in either voice or text.

With lakhs of active users and counting, the platform boasts of 250,000+ questions with 1000s of questions pouring in everyday on varied topics that are very unique to India.

Vokal is currently available in Hindi but will be launching in other major Indian languages soon. It also has a live video streaming feature where experts share their knowledge with users.

It enables the non-English Internet users in India to have a meaningful Internet experience in regional languages, given the fact that close to 90% of India’s population doesn’t know English. Regional language users are expected to account for nearly 75% of India’s internet user base by 2021 – making it a very large and attractive segment.

“Anyone who doesn’t know English in India has a huge problem of accessing relevant answers to their questions. Their Internet experience is poor with a dearth of meaningful content. We’re building a peer-to-peer content network that can cater to their information and knowledge needs,” said co-founder and CEO, Vokal, Aprameya Radhakrishna.

“We are creating a product grounds-up that they can use every day. This is an Indian problem that needs an Indian solution. Translation of existing content is a non-solution for a country that thrives on audio-visual media as their preferred consumption mode,” said co-founder, Vokal, Mayank Bidawatka.

Vokal’s knowledge sharing platform serves as the catalyst for empowering the non-English Internet users in India to have a meaningful Internet experience – bridging the knowledge gap that’s existed in the country for many decades now.